Media Coverage & Commentaries
Below is a list of links to media coverage and professional commentaries of our work.
Media Coverage & Interviews
  • New York Magazine: There Might Be a Biological Reason You Can't Stand Uncertainty
  • HealthDay: Brain Scans Spot Where Fear and Anxiety Live
  • Psypost: Neuroimaging Study Finds Intolerance of Uncertainty is Linked to an Enlarged Striatum in the Brain
  • Inverse: This Brain Nook is Why You're Frightened of the Future
  • Vice: Excessive Worriers Might Have Their Big Brains to Blame
  • MedicalResearch: Fear of Uncertain Future Linked to Brain Regions Associated with OCD
  • APA Press Release: Region in Brain Found to Be Associated with Fear of Uncertain Future
  • Psychology Today: Born to Perform: The Ability to Keep Cool Depends on How Your Brain is Wired
Professional Commentaries

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