Lab Director


Dr. Kim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Sungkyunkwan University where he is also affiliated with the Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research at the Institute for Basic Science. He is the director of the Human Affective Neuroscience lab. In the academia, Dr. Kim is also known as M. Justin Kim (his "pen name").


Before joining the faculty at SKKU in 2020, Dr. Kim was a Postdoctoral Associate at Duke University, then an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Dr. Kim holds a Ph.D. in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Dartmouth College, and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Seoul National University. Dr. Kim was named as an APS Rising Star in 2021.

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Graduate Students


Nayoung was a Psychology major at SKKU, and joined the HumAN lab via the Combined Bachelor & Master (CBM) Program. She transitioned to a graduate student in Spring 2021. Broadly, she is interested in how and why people differ in their emotional disposition by explicating the underlying neurocognitive processes responsible for the emergence of such inter-individual variations. Outside the lab, Nayoung indulges in fantasy novels - briefly leaving behind the scientific and empirical world.



Kyuli majored in Electronic Engineering at Soongsil University. She joined the HumAN lab as a graduate student in Spring 2021. Kyuli is interested in why people get stressed out in a different level in similar situations and how the innate limbic system affects the level of stress. She thinks having a critical and objective view is essential in carrying out research and tries to do so. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and taking a walk.

Research Assistants


Wonyoung is a Psychology major at SKKU. He joined the HumAN lab as an undergraduate research assistant, and will become a graduate student via the Combined Bachelor & Master (CBM) program. Wonyoung's research interests lie where social and clinical neurosciences meet. He is interested in the inter-individual variability of brain structure and connectivity as a function of mood disorder symptoms, focusing on its interpersonal and clinical implications. His passion for understanding the human mind occasionally takes on a different form, such as enjoying films, stories, and TV shows.


Sujin is a Political Science & Diplomacy and Psychology double major at SKKU. She joined the HumAN lab as an undergraduate research assistant, and will become a graduate student via the Combined Bachelor & Master (CBM) program. Most of her important decisions made in life were in the pursuit of happiness of her own and people around her. In line with this, she is particularly intrigued by the mechanisms of face recognition and how our brain processes such information. She is also very interested in explaining clinical disorders that features lack of social communication skills via neurobiology. Aside from academic interests, she relishes pleasure from playing guitar, reading books, riding bikes and having a decent meal with people she loves.



E-young is a Psychology and Surface Design double major at SKKU. She is an undergraduate research assistant in the HumAN lab. E-young is particularly interested in the social aspects of affective neuroscience. She is motivated to learn why and how affective interactions are different between dyads versus small groups, and their neural underpinnings. In addition to research, E-young has a passion for interior design. In her spare time, E-young enjoys walking alone and exploring new places. 


Seohyeon is an undergraduate student at SKKU majoring in Psychology. She joined HumAN lab as an undergraduate research assistant. Seohyeon wants to know how and why the thresholds for feeling emotions, such as depression, anxiety, and happiness are different for each individual, and how they may affect the formation of personality through brain research. Although this interest originates from the desire to understand herself more, Seohyeon's hope is that she will be able to understand not only herself, but the human nature in general.


Chaebin is a Psychology major at SKKU. She joined the HumAN lab as an undergraduate research assistant. Chaebin is interested in negative emotions, especially anxiety, and their neural underpinnings. She is willing to explore predictive and moderating factors of mood and anxiety disorders, focusing on clinical implications of the brain-affect association. Apart from research, Chaebin loves to watch stageplays and also enjoys taking photos. 


Hayoung studies Psychology and Business Administration at SKKU. She joined the HumAN lab as an undergraduate research assistant. Hayoung believes that living abroad during her adolescence influenced her desire to become a psychologist by continuous self-exploration. She is interested in examining social phenomena such as online group polarization using psychological and neurobiological approaches. Also, she is interested in studying the 'dark side' of human nature including aggression and compulsiveness and how it evolves within a group or a society. Aside from her academic passion, she enjoys singing, riding bikes, and going for a walk.